Demi Lovato Picture Fake

Its been a while since i made a Demi Lovato picture fake so i made you guys a new one.This one looks real nice because you get the thick ass view.Watching a thick teen like Demi getting stuffed with a big cock always gets me hard.
Don't be so embarrassed Demi,we all love your pictures.Especially jack off to them.
Mmmmmm,that big smile looks just as good as that big ass.Your such a good naughty slut aren't you?Wow,that huge cock just disappears into your wet fuck hole.You are in the right position for me to join in.There is another hole back there that needs filling and i happen to have a hard on ready to fuck.Yeah,that big smile says yes!
Oh yeah,there you go sexy.Open them legs as wide as you can so i can slide right in there.I have to relieve this hard cock you gave me.

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