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 Ballet Club Ch. 01     -   bynotbillyb©

I am a gym teacher at the local high school, and also the coach of the ballet club. This year the club consists of eight seniors, four smallish white boys and four white girls, one of whom is my daughter. I had made her join the club against her will, and she didn't like the other girls in the club. My girl takes after my somewhat diminutive husband in her stature, but after me in stubbornness. I am much more full figured than it looks like my daughter will ever be. But she is happy with her body, as I am, so that's good.

This year's big production was a good versus evil piece. The girls and boys played angels testing the boundaries of heaven. One scene of temptation called for four large black devils to tempt the female angels out of heaven.

I asked the boys' varsity football coach if he could get me four muscular volunteers, although I didn't think he could. I told him they had to be 18, like all the members of the club, for insurance reasons.

Well, I was surprised the next day at rehearsals when four huge black boys, or men I guess, were ready and waiting for us. I thanked them for coming, and one of the boys said something I wasn't too happy with. "We couldn't pass up a chance to get hold of these good looking girls, even if it is on stage!" Well, I wasn't happy with their motives but I needed their help. I'd just have to keep my eyes on them I guess.

I marched them up on stage and kind of walked them through what they would be doing. The boys and girls in the club, all in stretch leotards, stood to the side on the stage. "Wow," I thought to myself, "standing next to the boys in their ballet outfits, the football players looked huge." I thought though that the contrast would only help with the idea of the piece. After the walk-through, I took the football players to a room on the side of the stage and showed them their costumes, which consisted only of a dark red kilt-like piece they were to wear around their waists. "This little thing?!" one guy asked as he held it up to his waistline. On the ballet boys, the kilt went down to their knees, but on the football players they looked like mini-skirts. "Well, they'll have to do for now boys. Sorry about that," I told them. "Well, Ok" they grumbled, and started getting undressed, right in front of me!

"Why don't you wait until I leave, fellas?" I asked as I watched several incredibly muscular chests being unveiled in front of me. I had to pause and admire these boys, but then shook from the effect of the brief sight and left them.

"OK girls, line up for the 'Dance with the Devils' scene!" I instructed. "Boys (talking to the little white boys) stand in as the devils so our new members can see what the scene looks like."

The football players came out from the changing room and, my god, it looked like they were naked. The kilts hid little of them, and the rest was shining black muscle. Again I stood in s kind of hypnotic state for a minute. I just don't see muscles like that very often I guess. "You fellows stand and watch what the dance should look like, then you can try it, OK? Alright club, lets show our devils how to dance"

The white boys put the girls through the motions, which consisted of the boys standing behind the girls in a kind of swaying motion, with occasional lifts and other simple moves, and ended with the girls facing the boys while on their knees, and at that point the boy angels are supposed to come in and save the girl angels. After the run through, I asked the football players if they were set and they quickly moved to their places, one behind each girl. "Alright, let's dance with the devils" I shouted and the dancers began their gyrations on the stage.

It was strange. Although the girls had done this routine dozens of times, they started making little mistakes and quirky movements about midway through the dance. "Stop, stop!" I ordered. "C'mon, let's do this right. Guys, you were doing great. Girls, get a grip, you know how to do this. Let's try it again." And the dance started. Again things started out fine, but soon the girls were moving funny, and they started making little noises which the scene didn't call for. "OK, stop. What's going on?" I asked. "Mom, it's their kilts. It's not the same as with our guys." she said.

"I know it's not the same but we're just going to have to deal with it for now, so let's get this right, OK?" "But mom," she insisted, " they're so much bigger. Can't they..."

"They can dance, and so can you!" I cut her off. "So let's do it, now!" I was getting upset with them because I knew they knew this dance cold. "Yeah, you heard her, let's do it, now." chimed in her partner. She looked back at him with a mean smirk. "Be nice to him young lady!" I snapped. "Yeah, be nice to me." he repeated. My daughter gave a resigned sigh and took her place in front of her partner, as did the other dancers. "OK, now lets do this."

Once again they began to dance. Once again the girls began to squirm and and jerk, but I was determined to let this go to the end. At the end, the girls kneel in front of the devils as if waiting to be taken away, with the devils' backs to the audience so the audience could see the faces of the troubled, tempted angels. Then the boy angels come on stage and save the girls from temptation. The dance was coming to an end and some of the girls were again making strange noises, but I let it go. Finally, they came to a stop and knelt in front of their partners. They were lined up wrong though, so you couldn't see their faces, because each girl was directly in front of her partner.

All four black boys put their hands on the girls' heads, which wasn't called for. If not for the distance between the girls' heads and the boys' crotches, it kind of looked like the girls were giving the boys oral sex. However, the girls were each at least a foot away and of course the boys had some clothes on. Still the erotic sight caught me off guard. Sitting several rows back in the theater, I gave myself a little rub. God, I was excited!

Finally, though, I came out of my reverie. "OK, where are the boy angels?" I called. The white boys were just standing to the side of the stage, watching. Maybe they were turned on too, I thought. "Boys, c'mon!"

They white boy angels jumped as if startled, then each rushed to his angel and took an arm. What the hell are they doing? I thought to myself. The girls wouldn't budge and the black "devils" weren't letting go. Each white boy pulled harder and finally one by one the girls moved back. OK, there was the face I was supposed to see earlier, four troubled, tempted faces. At least they got that right.

"Alright, lets do that again. A little less noise this time please!"

The dance started again. This time there was less jumping and jerking, but still noise. Still I let it go to the end again. Once again the girls lined up wrong so I couldn't see their faces. Once again the devils held the girls' heads in their hands. "Were they thrusting?" I thought to myself. It seemed like the black devils were each slowly moving their hips back and forth. It had to be my imagination. Still, it gave me pause to give myself another rub. Man this dance was getting to me. I knew the girls were safe, even if I couldn't see their faces, because the were kneeling back, again about a foot away from their partners. I couldn't help myself from enjoying the erotic sight though, and waited a minute before cueing the boy angels on stage. This time, not only did the girls not budge, but in addition to holding the girls heads, each devil held off his opposing boy angel with a huge black arm. This I thought was an excellent ad lib and fit perfectly with the idea of the piece. I let it go for a while, then yelled up, "OK devils, time to succumb to your angels!"

"Yeah, OK," yelled on of the devils, "I'm gonna sssssucummbbb" he shouted. "Me toooo!" yelled another, then another. I'm ssuucccummbbing!" finally yelled the last. Slowly each boy angel, who had been released by the devils, lifted his angel up. These faces were more glassy-eyed and pouty than troubled, but I'd deal with fine tuning the performance later.

"OK, lets take 10 minutes and run through it again." I shouted. "Alright!" replied a devil. I was happy to see they were so cooperative. My angels just stood there, the boys wide mouthed and the girls, well, different. I didn't know what their problem was but I hoped a 10 minute rest would get them ready.

Ballet Club Ch. 02

"OK, ten minutes up! Let's run through this and see if we can get it right this time!" I called to the ballet group. The white kids were sitting quietly to one side, while the black football players were boisterous and high-fiving on the other side. "Yeah," said one of them, "I think I'm ready."

"Oh god, mom, I don't know if…"

"I don't care what you know young lady!" I shouted back. "Let's do this dance. Do you think you can do it right?"

My daughter looked kind of funny for a minute and then said, "You know what? I'm not sure I can do it right. Will you take my place and show me how to do it?" She is stubborn like me and probably knew I'd take the chance to show her the "right" way.

"Alright. You think you've got it hard up there, why don't you direct this one while I do the dancing?"

"Yeah mom, I had it hard up there, but I bet you will too," she replied. I didn't know what she meant by that. The other girls, and the white boys too, just looked at me strangely. Interestingly, the girls looked like they were relieved about something. The devils didn't know what to make of what was going on. "OK devils, line up behind your angels," my daughter called out. "My mother seems to think your last performance is what she's looking for, so make sure you repeat it, got me?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess so, are you sure?" replied the devil who had been her partner.

"Oh, yeah, I'm sure," she replied.

We lined up and the black devil behind me took hold of my hips. His huge hands were sweaty and I felt his skin on the brief exposure of my skin between my blouse and skirt. "Let's dance!" my daughter called out.

Slowly I and the other dancers started our gyrating movements and bends, all the while my black devil's hands never leaving my skin. A small jump came and as I was lifted, my devil raised me high and in the process lifted my blouse to the bottom of my bra. I expected my daughter to stop the action, but she just watched. Down I came and was brought in close contact with my devil, my rear end against his crotch. "Wow, what a lump!" I thought. God I realized I was still a little turned on by my thoughts from the first run through. My black devil did nothing to give any space between us as we gyrated in unison. Then another small jump, and as I was set back down, I felt something right between my legs! My devil still had his hands on me so I didn't know what it was. I looked down and sure enough, there was a slight bulge in my skirt, as if I had a small erection myself! "What the heck is that?" I wondered. I could feel it rubbing against my silk panties which were still somewhat wet. God it felt good.

"I'm sorry ma'am" my devil said. "I can't help it." We swayed together, the strange hard object rubbing my lips. My steps faltered from the feeling. My daughter caught my misstep and I again thought she'd stop the action but she looked up and said "C'mon, let's keep it up!"

"Help it? Help what?" I asked my black devil, now grinding into me with our gyrations.

"My cock. It's stuck between your legs. I'm sorry but I can't help it."

"Oh my god, wha."

"Mom! Stop talking and dance!"

"But I, he.."

"His costume bothering you? It bothered me too, remember? Now keep dancing!"

Oh, god, my daughter had felt this too? Of course she had leotards and a dance skirt on. I only have my silk panties.

"How?" I quietly asked my black devil as he ground into my ass with his exposed penis.

"Please don't tell. I don't want anyone to see me like this. I came to the dance in just my sweats. All you gave me to put on was this little thing. Please don't stop. I'll be embarrassed."

"Oh, god, I won't stop if you won't" I thought to myself as his cock sawed back and forth between by silk-clad lips. My god! He must be huge! I thought. There had to be several inches sticking out my front. I quickly laughed at the thought that I now had a larger erection than my husband ever got.

The actions of the dance got quicker, and my steps continued to falter with the amazing feeling I was getting. I paid no attention to the other angels or devils beside me. I was too distracted by the amazing feeling of my own body and the monster giving me pleasure. "OK," I feigned compassion for my black devil, "I'll stay here to hide you."

"Thank you," he said, and gave me an extra grinding in my vagina and my butt. His movements started to quicken too, giving me extra thrills. I knew our fun was about done though, because we were coming to the end of the dance. My devil whirled me around so I was facing the audience and brought me to my knees.

Oh my god! My big black devil brought me face to face with an absolutely huge black penis! It stuck straight out from his little kilt, several inches past the end of the fabric. I tried to get in position to face the audience, but my black devil held me head! "It's OK, my daughter knows what I must be going through right now. She'll stop this" I thought. I waited for her voice as the strong hands on my head brought me closer to my devil's penis. He had called it a cock and I guess it definitely was that. "My husband has a penis" is what I thought to myself.

"OK daughter, any time" I mentally implored her. Nothing. Now my black devil, holding my head, started to thrust, and several inches of his mighty cock rubbed against my cheek and into my hair. "Oh Jesus, this is what they did to the girls before, to my daughter!" I realized. I looked as much as I could to both sides and to my horror saw the other three girls each with a giant black cock in their mouths. Their black devils were thrusting, sending several inches in and out of each little white mouth while giant black hands held their little heads. "Whaooommph!" was all I could get out when I tried to say something. The huge black cock that had been rubbing against my face entered my mouth! With a powerful but gentle hold on my head, my black devil started to fuck my mouth.

The theater was eerily quiet. My daughter said nothing. I realized she must have gone through the same thing, having a black cock enter her mouth while I naively watched. I thought back to when I was watching the dancers, watching the strong black legs slowly moving back and forth in front of the diminutive white angels. God that turned me on. I realized too that I was turned on now. The strong black cock sawed in and out of my mouth, maybe quickening a little. Oh, no, he wasn't going to cum in my mouth was he? I didn't even let my little husband do that. "OK," I silently screamed, "where are my angels?" The boy angels were long overdue to save us tempted little girl angels. Where were they? I looked past the long, thick black cock that pumped my mouth and up the muscled shiny black torso of my devil. He had a slight smile as he looked at me, and I could see he was sweating and his breathing was getting shorter and shorter. "Where are my angels!?"

"OK boy angels, see if you can save the girls from temptation!" my daughter shouted. "Thank god!" I thought to myself. I was sure that if she hadn't stopped this my black devil would cum in my mouth. The little white boys danced (barely) to each of us. "Um, I…" my white angel said to my black devil. "No talking during the dance!" my daughter shouted. My black devil, never missing a stroke in my stretched mouth, held out a giant hand and stopped my little white angel. I could see from the corner of my eye that even my little white angel was excited. "The little white angel has a little white erection" I thought to myself. Meanwhile my black devil was pumping my mouth faster and starting to penetrate my throat. I held back the urge to gag (why I'm not sure) and my daughter yelled out "Alright, anyone ready to succumb?"

The same black boy, well, man, who yelled out the first time yelled again "Yeah, I'm sssuccccummmbinng!" I knew what it meant now though. That poor girl was getting a mouth full of black man's cum. I looked up to my black devil, his eyes almost completely closed. His cock sawed mercilessly in and out of my lips and my mouth and my throat. Again, the second and third black devils followed close behind the first. "Succummbinnnggg!"

I knew now that my big, black, handsome, powerful devil and his magnificent huge black cock were definitely going to cum in my mouth. Oh god, what would it be like? I didn't have to wait long. He was different than the other devils though. I guess by this time it didn't matter, there was nobody left to fool. Everyone knew what was happening and what was about to happen. My devil started a quiet chant to match his trusts into my mouth. "I'm…..gonna…..suuu…..cummm…..I'm….gonna…..suuu….cummm" and then "suuu…..suuuu…..suuuu" I felt his huge shaft swell larger! Oh my god is this what it's like? "Cummmmminnngggg!"

My big black devil's big black hands held my head tightly as I felt the pulsing of his wonderful cock in my mouth! I felt the jets of his hot cum hit the back of my throat but he was too far in my mouth for me to taste him. I clasped my lips tightly around his huge shaft and sucked hard, trying to make it as good as possible for this incredible man.

"Aargh!" he shouted as my sucking mouth caused another jet of cum to shoot down my throat. I thought to myself in the middle of this that it's too bad I won't even get to taste it after all this. My black giant had already cum much more than my little husband ever did I was sure. His wonderfully strong hands loosened their grip on my head so I was able to move back a little. Now I had the huge head of his marvelous cock on my tongue. Again I sucked, hoping for a little dribble of his cum to satisfy my curiosity. Instead, as I sucked, my wonderful devil chanted with my sucking rhythm

"suuu….suuu….suuu…suuu….CUUUMMMINNNGG!" and My God, more powerful jets gushed into my little sucking mouth! I sucked and sucked as his cum continued to flow into my mouth until I had so much cum I had to swallow! I swallowed my gorgeous black giant's cum and then it hit me, My Own Orgasm! My body wracked in spasms as I came hard, the black cock still spitting into my sucking mouth. "UUMMM, UUMMM, UUMMM!" I moaned into the pistoning cock as I came. This incredible cock shot more cum than my mouth could handle and cum started dribbling out of my mouth and down my chin.

Slowly, I came down from my own orgasm. Slowly too, the incredible cock, the wonderful, big, strong, shiny black cock in my mouth, started to soften. I suckled it as remnants of my lover's, I mean my devil's cum seeped out. Finally this strong handsome man let go of my head, and with a loud plop! his cock escaped my still sucking mouth.

I looked up at my black shining giant, more like a god than a devil, and sighed. Slowly, the joy of my afterglow receded, and as it did reality set in. I realized where I was and what I had just done. I looked around for the first time since the end of the dance. Everyone, including my daughter, was standing around me. I averted her gaze. I looked at the other devils, each with a cock as magnificent as the one I just had in my mouth.

"Oh god" I quietly moaned as I saw them hanging, shining and limp, but still huge. I looked at the white boy angels. Each had cum in his leotards. The other girls too had cum on their faces and leotards, and had shy, sheepish grins as they looked at me, as though we shared a secret. Finally, I looked up to my daughter. She looked at me, not with disappointment or sheepishness, but with a look of something akin to revenge. "Let's keep this a club secret, shall we?" she said.

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