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Girls of Victorious Picture Fakes

The creators of Victorious did a fantastic job by putting these sexy young ladies into one show.Everyone of these four girls gets my cock hard up.Victoria with her sexy slim body,Daniella with her yummy thick body,Elizabeth with them gorgeous eyes and Ariana with her cute petite little body.All whom witch id stuff my thick cock into,one by one.I would love to get all four of them into one bed and have an all night teen fuck fest.I hope you all enjoy the picture fakes i added in here.
Wow,who to fuck first........i just can't choose.
Line it up young little cock suckers because you four are going to be in a cock sucking contest.The winner gets my thick cock balls deep in there tight teen cunt.
Let's start with the star of Victorious,Victoria Justice.Beautiful,sexy slim body and a cute little tight ass.
Wow,Victoria really wants to win that cock sucking contest.She jumped right in mouth a gape.
She loves to tease all the boys at school.Flashing pussy in every class.But the teachers get to poke for a passing grade.
Oh yeah,your just a hungry little cum eater aren't you?
Victoria is about to get her tight teen pussy completely stuffed with monster cock.
Damit,little girl.Your pussy is so tight,your going to make me cum to quick.
Be careful with that,it'll spit a massive wad at you.
Wow,your not afraid to take on massive cocks.Not too many little girls can do that,you should be proud.
You are so sexy Victoria.
Next on my cock,we have Daniella Monet.She plays the part of Victoria's older sister.Shes the thick very well formed one of the bunch.She has tittys just perfect for my cock.
That's it Daniella,don't be afraid of them huge cocks.
Up next is Elizabeth Gillies who plays the part of the mean girl.But really shes a sweet little treat for my cock.When i look into them gorgeous eyes as she sucks me,i just explode in her mouth.Wow,shes very sexy and good at milking cock.
I just pulled her little top up over her tits and had her ride me till i gave her a cream pie.Damit,she is sexy looking.
Mmmmmmm,already ready for more cock are you?
Here she at her first porn audition.I don't think she will have any trouble making it.After swallowing Peter Norths massive load,she still had me fuck her a second time.
She is such a energetic little fuck slut.
OMG,those eyes......i'm going to......cum! Ohhhhhh yeah Elizabeth!
Shes going to try and deep throat this huge cock.
Last but not least we have the super cute and sexy Ariana Grande.She is so tiny but her cute and sexy smile is enough to get my cock going.Not to mention girls with little petite bodies are fantastic in bed.
Fuck yeah,her gorgeous little body looks amazing riding my thick cock.
Wow i cant wait to titty fuck them juicy mounds.
Ariana,i'm going to shoot cum all over your tits.
You want me to give you a cream pie?You're a good little girl.
I just love to fuck them sexy little bodies.Fuck,there so much fun to play with.
You are so beautiful Victoria.I love milking my cock to you.
I'm loving how nice and thick you are Daniella,you have meat to hold on too.
Elizabeth,with them gorgeous eyes and all around sexiness its no wonder why i love to cum on your face.
OMG Ariana,look at that sexy little body of a fuck doll.All them tricks and positions i can get that little body in too.Yummy!
Elizabeth and Daniella said there ready to give me a threesum.What do you think guys?

Miley Cyrus Picture Fakes

This little teen is known for her horny ways.The crazy one of all the celebrity teens.She is not shy to show her ass on stage so all them cocks know what there getting into after the show.We know her from her corky personality on the Hanna Montana show,but we know her from our back stage passes.That's right,blow-jobs and pussy all night.Here's a few of my Miley fake pictures,i hope you all like them.Enjoy!
Back at you Miley,we love cumming on you.
Miley loves visiting glory holes when ever she can.She is very good at it too.
Oh wow,Miley was riding my cock hard here.She was really horny when she came by.I felt my nuts tighten up and explode all in her tight cunt.
She loves making us fans happy with free hand jobs all around.
I couldn't believe she took on this monster cock.
Get you're pries baby girl.
Miley is sizing up some guys package,you can see it on her face that someones getting layed.
Oh yeah,id like to wrap them huge tits around my thick cock.
She gets so happy when she gets cum.
Don't she look good enough to eat or should i say fuck.
You know were looking Miley,you naughty little slut.
Damit Miley,they thighs look very nice and ready for a thick cock.I like how your ass jiggles when you pop that ass.You know i'm going balls deep.
Don't you stop being naughty because that's what we love most about you sexy.

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