Pumper1 a Thick Cocked Cum Shooter

Pumper1 is one of my friends from xHamster.The first time I came across his work all I saw was a huge thick cock with heavy weights on his nuts.It looked awesome the way his nuts would swing around with them weights on them.His cock is real thick and swollen too,he can barely get his hand around it to stroke it.That big cock shoots some nice thick ropes to look at as well.He has some amazing videos to look at so I added him to my Blog for you all to check out.Enjoy!
 Check out his page,he has plenty more videos!Here's the link.

"Jerking Outdoors/xHamster Video"

Pumper1 loves that cool breeze on his low weighted down balls as he strokes his thick cock to a ropy thick cum shot.

Here's some picture stills from the movie.
Check out that beefy cock.That ball weight looks awesome.
Here cums the overflow!
Wow,not overflow more like blasts!
I wish I could shoot like that.
He shot a good amount of man milk.

This guy loves pumping his cock till its massive and fat before he starts jerking off.
I sure would not mined if my cock was this fat.Not to mention his big ropy cum loads,wow!

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